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"Kyvadlo, jáma a nadeje" (1984) - Jan Svankmajer


"Kyvadlo, jáma a nadeje" (1984) - Jan Svankmajer



#colonel ships it


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Well… I was playing Dark souls farming some humanity, when I found this “Hanged Rat” o_o” !!



do you guys ever just hate that feeling when you realize that you’ve become the third wheel in a friendship

and the only way to get people to really notice you is if you have to fucking scream and yell and cry but otherwise you’re just kind of standing behind them and trying to talk to them and they just completely blow you off

like I really love the people I’m friends with but wow being a third wheel is the most frustrating thing ever and I just get really upset because of it and god I just

I kind of just want to bury myself alive or something or do anything to get out of being a third wheel like wow having no friends at all is a whole lot fucking better than being left out of things all the god damned time and yeah it really sucks to not have friends but I really do prefer it

I’m just

frustrated I guess :/

she’s like me, every day in my life :(

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